Since turning 50, I've noticed a dramatic change in my body. My metabolism completely tanked. The hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and constant fatigue were too much. I had to do something! I've been athletic my whole life, so seeing my body change so drastically was very frustrating and depressing. The Metro 42 program gave me what I was looking for. A proven program driven by professional trainers that gave me the motivation I needed so badly! In my opinion, the Eat Clean Portion of the program was the most important component. As long as I followed Patrick's suggestions and stuck to the meal plan, I lost fat. Yet at the same time gained muscle because of the strength and conditioning portion. It taught me how to change my eating habits. Eating Clean is not just a "Diet". It's a life style change that you can modify, based on what cooler plan you use to either lose weight or maintain weight.

I'm not at goal yet, I've lost 8.57% body fat and 3" in my waist, but the Metro 42 Challenge gave me the kick-start I needed to continue my weight loss journey.

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