Lose the weight &
keep it lost!

Take the Metro42 Challenge:

  • Achieve a better, fitter you thru 6-weeks of mind, body & nutrition training
  • This year's food plan is now with BOSS Meal Prep!
    We strongly encourage you choose to choose this program with your 42 classes. Those who do not use the prepared meals will be coached on clean eating principles.

Basic Plan

Includes 3 group training sessions/week

Unlimited Plan

Includes unlimited classes/week

Personal Training Plan

Includes 2 private 1 on 1's and 1 group fitness

10% Discount For Members

Fat Burn

The Metro42 Challenge is about weight loss and teaching you how to keep that weight off long after this 6 week program is over. Our trainers will push your body to places you never thought it could go and teach you about the proper ways to exercise. So, not only will the fat melt off, but it'll be safe, fun, and rewarding!

Metro Diet

We've all heard the saying, "You can't out train a bad diet," and it's true! That’s why we have an easy-to-implement, done-for-you nutrition solution that will be paramount to your success. Incorporating a proven clean eating nutrition program that you actually LEARN from and enjoy following is the surest way to get fast results!

Attitude Coach

Kate Flannery, a former Metro42 participant herself, will be here to provide you with the psychological tools and emotional support to make your experience even more successful. A healthy lifestyle and weight loss is not just about eating and exercise…it’s also about how we see ourselves, and make caring for ourselves a priority.


The decision to make healthy changes concerning diet and exercise was a no brainer, but the process appeared overwhelming. After the holidays, I committed to a 6 week program at Metro Fitness. After the initial meeting with Randy, I became confident not only in the program, but also in myself.

Two events occurred recently that made me look for some outside help with nutrition and exercise. The first was my doctor telling me I had until October to bring my "not too high but increasing" cholesterol number down or she would prescribe drugs to do the job. The second was a photo posted by a

27 pounds later and still going strong. Thank you Randy, Metro Fitness, and a long list of people to acknowledge, including my wife who is a saint! The trainers were amazing…Jade, Ashley, Patrick, Tony, Mark, Lynn Kathleen and Amy… Metro 42 rocked! It was a great system of nutrition focus

What a program it has proved to be for me personally along with my early morning partners that kicked butt and spilled a lot of sweat on early mornings, all while having fun doing it. The personal attention, the in the moment one-on-one, the total encouragement from all the Metro team made it a


First, thank you and all the trainers for the program. By far, the best integrated program I’ve ever done from beginning to end and my personal results are showing it. I’ve done a few others before that emphasized the workout side, but only mentioned the nutrition side, and obviously both are

I signed up for the Metro42 Challenge because I have not been able to lose the 10 pounds that kept creeping up on me. I was skeptical because I already had a “clean” diet and I was already in good shape, working out 6 days a week, with kickboxing, Pilates and yoga. I have belonged to many gyms and