CorpFit42: Enjoy the Benefits of Company-Wide Health

Metro Fitness would like the opportunity to partner with your company to help support the health and well being of your valued employees. My team and I look forward to working with organizations like yours who understand the benefit of relationship-based wellness programming and desire to be creative and proactive in providing employees resources that will empower them to be good stewards of their health.


Develop a Metro42 wellness strategy that supports employee health and well being and sends them the message that your company truly cares about their well being first.


Deliver the Metro42 programming on site utilizing company fitness room, conference room or if in the Syracuse Metro area, Metro Fitness Club. Metro Fitness will provide a personal trainer and/or a group fitness instructor for supervised exercise sessions, a clean eating nutrition specialist and a mental health coach.


Empower employees to understand and take a connected interest in their personal health and well being through a Metro42 seminar on the principles of clean eating and having a positive attitude.


All employees who participate in the Metro42 program will have access to a licensed mental health coach who can confidentially guide them toward health stewardship throughout the 6 week program and prepare them for life after 42 days.

CorpFit42 Program

  • A 6-week fitness and nutrition program that includes regular supervised weekly group exercise training, a clean eating nutrition plan and scheduled group consultations with our mental health & nutrition coach.
  • Include 2 group exercise sessions each week and 3 on site group forums on the nutrition and participant support coaching.
  • All participants receive an individual program journal explaining the program and their personal tracking tools to maximize their experience.
  • Professional trainer support by email throughout the duration of the 6 weeks.
  • Pre and post fitness testing and health history consultations.
  • A 2 hour "kick off" seminar on the principles of "clean eating," and the "mental shift."
  • Responsibilities also include independently exercising at Metro's Club (if your company is downtown), your corporate facility or their own personal gym.
  • Weekly review of each participants food log and feedback by our clean eating coach.

Call Randy at 315-426-8917 to find out more!

Congratulations to the G&C Foods team for completing the Corporate Metro42 Challenge! If your company is interested in participating, learn more here!