I met Randy when he emailed my company to congratulate us on being named one of CNY Best Companies to Work For. Metro Fitness was also awarded this honor previously. Randy explained in his email the Metro 42 Challenge. I was intrigued. As a member of our Wellness Committee I am always looking for ways to get our employees engaged in Health and Fitness. It can be a challenge.

We started meeting with Randy and his staff shortly after.  Randy asked if there was someone I knew who would be interested in taking the Challenge so it can be explained to our employees. I jumped at the chance myself because I knew I had poor eating habits and needed to lose 20 lbs. So, I took the Challenge. It is a challenge, but nothing anyone can’t do. The Pack (series of exercises in a group setting) is something I had never done before. I was nervous and wondered at times why I wanted to do this! At 61 years old I kept asking myself why!!! The answer is because I needed it and age doesn’t matter.

By the end of the workouts I was tired, sore and felt good. Power Pump (weights) is a fun group exercise routine also.  We asked Randy, Kate, and Patrick to come to our Company Quarterly Review meetings to explain the program. I really wanted this for our employees. They did a great job of promoting it. I sent out an email to the employees asking how many would be interested in taking this Challenge and I got about 20 responses. I was so happy and awestruck. Some of the people who want to do this have never exercised before, but they all know that they need to do something to better their health and themselves.

We are going to start a program after the Holidays. By letting the employees know that I lost 16 lbs and 8.5 inches helped them to realize that anyone can do anything for 42 days. I even bought a punch card so I can take 8 more sessions of Pack Training. I have become stronger as well as smaller. I have to buy some new clothes – not a bad reward for hard, clean work. Of course they have to realize that this program does work as long as they follow it. Commitment is important, but the reward is so worth it!! Can’t wait to see how they all do.

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