Two events occurred recently that made me look for some outside help with nutrition and exercise. The first was my doctor telling me I had until October to bring my "not too high but increasing" cholesterol number down or she would prescribe drugs to do the job. The second was a photo posted by a friend after a vacation, you know the one, the "who IS that in the photo, oh no is that really what I look like?"

A friend had just started working with Metro Fitness so I glanced at their website. My luck was at an all time high that day, there was the 42 Challenge information. A quick email to Randy, a phone call 10 minutes later and I was in (I said yes before I even had time to back out). It was starting that evening!

42 days later, I am 21 pounds lighter with inches off my waist. For the first time I'll be excited to have blood drawn and to see those numbers. 42 days that changed me. Changed my thoughts about a gym and trainers, about making a commitment to work out and changed my eating habits too. I have new clothes, new workout buddies, a new gym membership and new team members at Metro Fitness that are there to help me.

A couple of things to think about if you decide to take this challenge:

- You will get out of this what you put into it. Can't say that enough. The Metrofit team members are there to help you, to push you out of your comfort zone a bit. There is no yelling, no having you sprint around the block. At the end of the first week when you are tired and sore and know there is a really healthy meal waiting for you and you are saying "why am I doing this?" it happens…you step on that scale and hear someone say "fantastic, you're down 3, 4, 5, 8 pounds…" you'll know why you are doing this – it's for YOU.

- Give yourself permission to be selfish. Dusty furniture isn't the end of the world. Falling asleep at 8:30 is really ok. This is about YOUR health, your wellbeing, and getting into a good place in your head and body. Your family, friends, and dog will understand that in the end it's about making you into a person that will be happier, stronger and healthier Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Wife or Husband. It'll get easier in a few days – you'll be amazed how strong you feel in just a week or two. And, the results on the scale, or in the mirror, will make you want to continue to be strong and healthy.

- The Metro Fitness Team really wants you to succeed. Their friendly 'c'mon you can do this' attitude is for real. Use them. Talk to them. That's why they are there for.

It's not just 42 days, it's a lifestyle. Because somewhere in those 42 days you will realize this is going to last long past 42 days - it's a lifestyle that you'll choose. Because we all want to be the person that someone says when looking at a photo…"wow, are you sure that person is that old?? They look great!"

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