What a program it has proved to be for me personally along with my early morning partners that kicked butt and spilled a lot of sweat on early mornings, all while having fun doing it. The personal attention, the in the moment one-on-one, the total encouragement from all the Metro team made it a treat to be involved with. They all, in their own individual way totally motivated, supported, explained, encouraged us all no matter what fitness level we were, to execute to our highest ability whatever exercise we were doing, not an easy task to achieve. They always had alternative ways to do something a different way due to injury limitations etc. My own experience enabled me to be injury free because of the highly trained and experienced trainers that go out of their way to ensure technique and position are correct. When I did have a tweak in my back, I was shown by Chris what exercises and stretches to do for relief. My surprise and outstanding hospitality moment was to receive a email from Chris that afternoon of my tweak asking how I was and if I needed any more exercises etc, totally going above and beyond the call of duty, a direct reflection of Randy and Team Metro of how they view all their guests and the willingness to please and nurture our way to a life and way we wish to feel and be in. My personal workouts with the encouraging, motivational Ryan, the out of my element comfort zone conquering by Amy of spin class, the uncoordinated dislike turned fan of Body Pump by Lynn, the kick ass Chris circuit training that left you not liking but then loving the tough workouts, Jade's gentle but result driven circuit training to Ashlea's hi-tempo fun work outs, Kathleen's understanding and teaching of Pilates and the efficient proper result of engaging your core to obtain best results all add up to the perfect fitness regimen. I look forward to continuing with these great partners and planning my Metro42 and beyond program knowing I have an army behind me of support and guidance every step of the way.

Patricks "Eat Clean " nutrition program was easy to follow, continual support through emails and words of encouragement every Saturday morning and willingness to answer any question in a professional and thoughtful manner put you at ease and with a feeling of a larger support mechanism behind and with you if needed. He could be a Sergeant Major and a Angel all in one with his explanation of the program which has enabled me to understand what food and its very important role has to do with a healthy lifestyle. Trust me, it was difficult, however you felt the guardrails were always there for you, support and encouragement were first and foremost. The Metro42 program doesn't stop at day 42, its a game changer it's as much about day 1 as it is about day 43 and beyond. They want success for you, I feel like I should apologize to my family, my fellow workers of not been in a 100% commitment mode for the last few years. Metro42 has given me a new positive outlook, get the job done, fully committed attitude to be fully "all in" for anything in life. It almost begs you to ask yourself, "Where have you been?" all your life now that you are fully alive, active and feeling mighty, giving one a way to continue on and if you fall off the rails here and their that there is an easy way to get back on again. Metro42 doesn't operate on autopilot even though you have 110% committed trainers and supporters, it has to have you partner up, be responsible and committed, put the hard work in and the results will come. Kate's Saturday morning talks on the mental, motivation, meditation side of things pulls Metro42 physical and nutrition elements all together into a cohesive understanding of what its really all about. For a fitness club 2 blocks from my place of work might as well have been a million miles form me, but is now a daily part of my life begs me to say " Metro, where have you been all my life?" I am so happy that I found you. I Have my fitness, body, positive can do no matter what attitude back to go out and make one day at a time a success for me, for my family, my fellow workers and anybody I have contact with.

Finally, I can't Thank you enough for putting the healthy life value back in the way I decide to live and for giving me a road map to live and continue to refer to on the road of life, Metrolife.

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