I had a great experience with metro 42.  I was overweight for almost my entire life, until I decided that I needed to make a change.  I started working out, and making an effort to get to the gym as often as I could.  I felt a little better I’ll admit, but I wasn’t seeing significant results.  After taking a summer job with long hours, and gaining 20 pounds over a single season, I decided that I needed some structure.  My family recommended the Metro 42 program and offered to sign me up.  My father and I participated in the fall session of 2015, and I was wholly impressed with what I experienced.

Initially I was worried about what the diet requirements would be, and if the workouts would be too strenuous for me.  However, the initial meeting was very informative, laying out diet plans and exercise routines while giving the reasons and logic for the decisions surrounding food.  Seeing the logic and reason behind eating right, how each of the ingredients work together in a system, made me finally understand how the diet was important, and what parts I was lacking in.  As an added bonus, the diet was not nearly as restrictive as I thought it would be.  The food that I had that 42 day period was varied and delicious. 

I had been working out on my own schedule for a while before stepping into the class, but the trainers were able to push me to another level.  They were much more motivational than I believed possible, knowing exactly what kind of pressure to apply to different people to draw the best effort out of them.  The workouts were varied, and thorough.  It was not an unusual thing to be a little sore all over after a particularly strenuous session, but in the best way possible. 

The staff was committed to seeing each of the participants succeed.  They each acted with enthusiasm and sincerity every time that we were interacting with them, even outside of the class sessions when I attended the gym for a workout on my own.  It really felt as though they had constructed a fantastic interpersonal support network for the entire class.  Supplemented by the resident Personal counselor Kate, who made herself more than available when a member of any of the groups needed her. 

This was a great experience, and I wholly recommend it.  The lessons I learned and habits I picked up in Metro 42 persisted for the better part of a year now, helping me to lose over 70 pounds in the class and the months to follow.   

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