This was a milestone year for me…I turned 50. And thanks to Metro Fitness and their awesome staff, facility and classes, I feel and look better than I did when I was 30 (on the left, the before pic, twenty years ago, puffy face courtesy of too many mashed potatoes, bad hair and bad tie just a product of the times – on the right, after pic at 50, cheesy progress pic I took after one of my workouts, but you get the point).

Based on my family history, I know that I could have gone down two paths. I had the potential to be a sedentary "fat boy" or make the decision to incorporate fitness as a daily part of my life. Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes run in my family. I lost both my parents (3 months apart) both at a relatively young age of 68 and 72, due to complication associated with diabetes and heart disease. I believe, had they controlled their weight and maintained being active, they'd still be here today.

That being said, you still have to enjoy working out, or you won't stick with it. If you're whining 15 min into your personal training session, you should reevaluate your personal goals or you are just wasting your money. My typical week consists of one, 1 hour personal training session with Patrick, 2 Bodypump classes with Ashlea (an hour long each), one strength training session on my own (either upper body or legs), and one or two days of cardio. Yes! That is sometimes 7 days a week. I pretty much follow this schedule, with variations if necessary. THANK YOU, Patrick and Ashlea for the motivation and the results!

I've been training with Patrick for about 3 years and it was the best decision I've ever made regarding my health. Patrick's knowledge and understanding of the body and nutrition helped me achieve my goals faster than years of working out on my own. And if you haven't tried Ashlea's Bodypump class you're absolutely missing out on one of the most intense training sessions ever, a combination of cardio and strength training in one session. The mix of the two different training styles has really benefited me overall.

It's definitely a lifestyle choice and if you embrace it, it's one of the best decisions you can possibly make for your health, your appearance and just your state of mind. Randy and the staff at Metro have helped me reach my goals (well almost, as I never stop trying to be better!) Kudos to Team Metro!

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