I signed up for the Metro 42 challenge because I needed help reaching my weight loss goals. I have gained and lost the same 10-12 pounds for several years and I wanted to loose that 10 pounds and have the motivation to finally surpass that weight loss number. To date, I have accomplished that. I am a few pounds lighter than I have been in years...somewhere I wasn't getting on my own.

Metro 42 definitely met my expectations. I needed that extra push-and I got it. I really, sincerely, enjoyed working with Tony, Ashlea and Cameron. I loved each of them and felt encouraged and supported by them every day. That said, one of the reasons I like Metro in general is the welcoming nature of all the staff. This attitude and welcomeness was definitely prevalent in my group sessions.

Today I am stronger (and skinnier!) than I was six weeks ago. Though I wasn't accomplishing my weight loss goals on my own, I entered this challenge feeling more physically fit than I have in a long time, and I am leaving this program stronger than I ever thought possible in my adult life. I just had engagement photos taken yesterday and you can legitimately see my calf muscles in the pictures--incredible!  Even more incredible yet---I am feeling that continued fitness and weight loss is possible for me. In the future I am looking forward to body pump sessions and personal training sessions to continue to reach my goals. I am excited about the path that I am on.

I liked the trainers (they're knowledgeable, fun and motivating), circuit training (felt it was more personal than just another spin class or body pump class that I would normally do anyway. Also, I felt I got my money's worth), nutrition information (eye opening and informative. Thanks to Patrick I understand labels more!), weekly emails (especially on weekends when I was less encouraged) and most importantly, the accountability and team feeling of the program. It was nice to be with six other people every week that shared in the same goal."

Would you refer your friends or colleagues for this challenge?  "Yup-absolutely.

That all said, Thank you Randy!"

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