I was intrigued by the success that many others had experienced with Metro42 program and began inquiring about it earlier this year after I was unsuccessful with yet another New Years weight loss resolution. Looking back now - deciding to commit to the program was a tougher decision it should have been and -26 lbs. later, I feel great and will attest that it was one of the best investments that I have ever made.

Tony, Frank, Brittany and Ashley were all committed to helping everybody reach their goals and they pushed us all to succeed in our workouts. Patrick did a phenomenal job in training us on the benefits of "eating clean" and although the diet was restrictive, it was also very "workable" even with my job that involved eating out a few times each week. The program is directed at not only losing weight but also building muscle tone. The other benefits include more flexibility (added yards in golf has been a noticeable bonus) and durability - especially with those weekend household to-do lists, i.e. cleaning and re-furnishing the deck which I did in record time last weekend! I really want to "maintain" and will attempt to do so in the coming months and I know that all the professionals at Metro Fitness will help keep me on track. Thank you Randy and the rest of the staff that made Metro42 what it is!

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