Robin & Cathy

Robin's Story:

I signed up for the Metro 42 challenge because I've spent most of this year taking care of other people and wasn't paying enough attention to me. I'd gained some weight, wasn't exercising and just didn't feel good about myself. Though it seemed kind of crazy to do this in November and December, I really believe it was the best thing I could have done. It's kept me focused on eating healthy during the challenging holiday months. The scheduled workouts make it easier because you're already committed. I don't want to miss one because I don't want to let my team down!  Though my body is sore at times, I feel stronger, more confident and healthier. I've also seen decreased migraine headaches that I attribute to the clean eating, mainly from getting most of the sugar out of my diet. And best of all, my husband thinks I look hot!

I absolutely would refer my friends or colleagues for Metro 42. I've had people ask what I've done and many have been blown away to hear how much weight I've lost in a relatively short period of time. However, I'm not as focused on the pounds as I am on how I feel and how my clothes fit. I feel like this is a change for life.
Also, working with a friend or co-worker really helps in the challenge. We could compare what we were eating, and motivate each other since we each excelled at different parts of the workout program (one better at strength, the other better at cardio). It also gave us someone to compliment as we saw our progress during the 6 weeks. Even now that the challenge part is over, we still are able to work out together to keep up the good work we started. The best part was being at our company Christmas party and hearing so many people look at us and say "What did you do? You look fantastic!"

Cathy's Story:

I signed up because Robin was signing up and as her Health Coach (I've been trying to get her off sugar and Gluten) we were talking about getting more physical activity. She indicated that she was thinking about doing the Metro42. I asked what was involved and said that if she signed up I would do it with her. I had become a bit lax in my workout and had gained some weight and figured it would be a great way to support Robin and lose some weight, too.
This program has exceeded my expectations. 5 Five years ago in an effort to take of my Chemo weight, I did a Loser program at an alternative gym so I felt I knew what to expect. However, the trainers, the nutrition plan and the continuous motivation through the various emails was more than I expected. The Nutrition plan makes a huge difference. The training schedule even though I really dislike morning workouts, was well worth the effort to get out of bed. I think this is an exceptional program and will refer clients to take part in the challenge or simply workout with a trainer.
The trainers at Metro Fitness all seem to have a great knowledge of anatomy and will work with you if  you are having a physical issue. They are also very motivating to keep you going. I really like the circuit style training and the group size was perfect and not too big.
As a result of this, I joined Metro Fitness and have already referred several friends and colleagues to do the same.

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