Today was the completion of our 42DC at Metro Fitness. As we took our final measurements, 'after' photos and readied ourselves for our celebration, I could hardly believe the changes from the 'before' photos, weights and measurements (of my entire group). We worked together daily, encouraged each other, held each other up (sometimes physically), and although I knew we were changing, I wasn't prepared for the end result in just 42 days.

We are all in smaller size clothes. We are all eating healthier, working out stronger and holding ourselves differently. The first comment I had from a coworker (noticing my weight loss) was "You carry yourself differently" - I knew what she meant. Working with the team at Metro, I learned to have confidence in myself, to know (regardless of my age and medical history), I could become stronger, leaner, smaller and most importantly healthier and more self-confident. It's something I have missed for many years.

The gym is great; the support phenomenal (from ALL the trainers), the personal attention is constant, and the variety and challenge is always in front of us. I honestly don't know how anyone could fail this program as long as they just show up and follow the nutrition plan. The trainers also know we have 'real' lives and modify accordingly. I can't say enough about the program and am very excited to be part of the next 42DC coming in September! Thank you Metro Fitness, for giving me 'me' back.

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